Hello! So, I'm SolarLune, a wannabe game developer, pixel artist, and musician. This is my homepage.

    I attempt to make games and stuff. You can find my game development blog (how I'm doing with making games) in the links to the left. I also make game development resources, like the BGHelper and Sprites Python modules, and the BlendSling launcher for Blender Game Engine games. You can find those on my Tutorial and Resource Blog. Finally, you can follow me on Twitter if you just want to get little tidbits of progress updates. Hope you enjoy!


4/2/14 (NEW!) - Hello. It's been awhile since my past post here on this news... Section... Thing. I've decided to take down my pages for Valchion and Misshoni, as I'm suspending Valchion and Misshoni was just more of a test for myself than anything. I've also decided to start on a new, small project, which is a small 2D Metroidvania called Gearend. You can find the link to it on the left-hand side.

11/23/13 - Hello! It's been awhile. My free domain name ran out (I think), and in order to renew, I had to pay. So, I thought that I might as well go for the full, real domain name. I think it's pretty cool! Anyway, I'll hopefully be getting some more stuff together soon. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter and YouTube, as those are my main outlets for putting out content. I should post more often on my development blog, as well, haha.

6/22/13 - I've uploaded a lot of videos, tutorials, and even a cartoon on my YouTube channel, but I've never put a link there from here! So, I've added a new link to my channel to the left. Here's a video from my channel that you can watch right here and now!


If you want to contact me, feel free to E-Mail me at solarlune(at) or tweet at (to?) me on my Twitter account.